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Picking the Right Concrete Contractors in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Residential Concrete Construction Should Last Years

Properly installed concrete should last 30 years in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, many Milwaukee concrete contractors are out for a quick buck and cut corners. Failing to use the best quality concrete products and not following industry standard installation guidelines will lead to premature concrete deterioration. When choosing a concrete contractor to install a new driveway, walkway or patio for your home, look no further than Dornbrook Construction.

Everybody thinks their concrete will look perfect and last for years. Most concrete contractors install concrete flatwork in Milwaukee which looks good yet only holds up the first year. Most of the problems with improperly installed concrete projects show up a year after they were poured. Low quality concrete, improper finishing, mixing too much water with the concrete and insufficient mixing will lead to cracking, scaling and flaking concrete. Concrete should provide decades of use. Do not let a substandard Milwaukee residential concrete contractor shorten your concrete flatwork’s life. Dornbrook Construction always uses the highest quality materials and industry standard installation methods to ensure solid, problem free concrete for years to come.
Dornbrook Construction will prepare the worksite for your concrete and lay the forms to guarantee a straight, level project. We pour low chert concrete with care and finish it with a level of workmanship unmatched in Wisconsin. Your new concrete patio, outdoor stairs and walkway will look great and last for up to 30 years, like properly installed concrete should.
There’s more to being a concrete contractor than pouring long-lasting concrete. Making sure your flatwork drains properly is very important. Standing water can cause problems even for solid concrete. Dornbrook Construction always designs concrete projects to drain correctly.
If the concrete driveway, patio or walkway at your home is cracking, chipping, dusting, flaking or scaling, Dornbrook Construction can help. We repair many concrete problems and can even replace your existing concrete flatwork if necessary. When selecting a residential concrete contractor to fix your walkway, garage slab or driveway, pick one who will do the job right. Dornbrook Construction is Milwaukee’s concrete contractor of choice. Years of dependable concrete use are always provided by Dornbrook Construction.

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