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Larry and Crew,

We thank you for the terrific job you did on our driveway. The heat the day you tore out our driveway was horrible, but you worked diligently to complete the task.

When unforecasted rain ruined the pour, your ethics and professionalism showed. Making the decision to tear out and start over without overprompting was amazing. It is beautiful. Thank you!S

herrie & Dick



Thank you for all of your hard work. It looks fantastic!!!


Very Pleased

Hi Larry-

Thanks again for doing a great job! I am very pleased with your “crew” and the work that was done.

Best of continued success with your business.

Thanks again-


I Surely Will Recommend You


Sorry I worried you when I called. The drive looks beautiful and I am so happy. I didn’t know that it takes so long to dry out. But then, what do I know about such things? Thank you again for a job well done. Your people did well for you. And I surely will recommend you.

Thank you again and look forward till the sealer is put on. I know now it will look beautiful when all is done.

I am also thankful for the safety, because I did fall last year. Thank God I did not break a bone. So all is good and well done.

Love, Betty

Wonderful Job

Larry and Crew –

I sincerely apologize for the delay and partial payment – had to move some stuff around – will remit the balance the week of 11/5/17. Thank you for your patience and a wonderful job.


Prompt Work


Thanks for the nice job and the prompt work. Please send me a lien waiver for this work.

Thanks again,


A Great Job

Hi Larry:

I just wanted to let you know that everybody loves the new coolant trap. You and your crew did a great job.

Best Regards,


Very Happy with the End Result

Hi Larry,

Patio turned out great! Thanks for your team’s good work and for cleaning up well around the house. We are very happy with the end result.

Check for the remaining balance is in the mail.



Happy to Give a Reference

Thank you Larry, we appreciate your good work and would be happy to give a reference anytime


Terrific Job!

Thanks Larry,

I got it & will mail check today. The slab looks great!

Your guys did a terrific job!! They said ~1 week before we should park on it…so I’m guessing that means next Monday, right?

Thanks much,