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Why Replacing Broken Concrete is More Important than You Realize

Commercial Concrete Contractors from Dornbrook Construction replace a concrete parking lotThere are many ways concrete can become damaged. In Wisconsin, the freeze-thaw cycle can widen cracks in exterior concrete features. Indoor concrete can be worn down after years of forklift and foot traffic. Dornbrook Construction removes and replaces damaged concrete slabs for businesses across southeast Wisconsin. Learn more about how we can help repair your walkways, driveways, parking lots, and interior concrete features.

Don’t Step on a Crack: Dangers of Damaged Concrete

Cracked concrete slabs can be found all over southeast Wisconsin. Chances are you’ve seen plenty of concrete slabs with cracks on the surface. Many seem harmless, if unsightly. Most people are unaware of how dangerous a crack in concrete can be. Damage to interior concrete slabs could lead to foundation instability.

Cracks create another danger for business owners: liability. If a worker or customer trips over a crack in concrete, your company could be liable for any injuries they receive. This is true even if the crack is on the public sidewalk outside your business. Larger cracks in parking lots and driveways can lead to potholes capable of damaging vehicles, another source of liability. Get your cracked concrete fixed before an accident happens.

Why Replace instead of Repair?

A major cause of cracks in concrete in Wisconsin is from the freeze-thaw cycle, the process where water under concrete continually freezes and melts. Even a small amount of water under concrete can slowly work its way under the slab this way. Every time the water freezes the new ice expands the concrete until a crack forms. The DIY concrete repair kits merely act as a Band-Aid by covering up the problem. There is still a weak point in the concrete underneath which will continue to grow.

Removing and then replacing the entire slab gives your concrete a fresh start. And while a DIY quick fix might save time, professional concrete services from Dornbrook Construction will give you more long-term benefits with long-lasting, durable replacement concrete.

Step 1: Removing Concrete

The first step to replacing concrete is removing the damaged slabs. Our contractors are very careful about only removing the select concrete. This way, we can preserve as much of your original concrete as possible to reduce replacement costs.

Step 2: Replacing Concrete

After all of the damaged concrete has been removed, it is time to ready the replacement. Our contractors will measure the area to find the best approach for pouring new concrete.

The replacement process is an opportunity to add strength to you concrete with rebar. We offer machine base foundation installation at industrial facilities in need of more floor strength.

Dornbrook Contractors helps Wisconsin business owners get the repairs they need for crack concrete at their commercial facilities.

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