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Best Material for Long Lasting Driveways in Wisconsin

How to Make Concrete Last Longer Concrete Installation Provides Homes and Businesses Decades of Results If you’re looking for a long lasting driveway, sidewalk, patio, or interior flooring option, concrete is the answer. In Wisconsin, properly installed concrete should last for 30 years. Unfortunately, many inferior Milwaukee concrete contractors will cut corners, resulting in concrete which is prone to cracking or surface issues. Dornbrook Construction takes pride in providing the best concrete ins...

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Concrete Flooring for Commercial Buildings in Wisconsin

Concrete has many advantages over other flooring options, including: Southeast Wisconsin Stores and Restaurants Rely on Concrete Commercial facilities require reliable flooring to handle heavy foot traffic from customers and clients. Many Wisconsin business owners have turned to Dornbrook Construction to install interior and exterior concrete at stores, restaurants, and auto garages. Durability Easy maintenance and cleaning Decorative appeal Concrete is the Affordable Floor for Businesses Flooring can b...

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Machine Base Foundations: Creating a Stable Work Environment in Milwaukee

Protect Your Floors and Machinery with Dornbrook Contractors Heavy machines can take a toll on floors, even concrete. Reinforced machine base foundations installed by the concrete experts of Dornbrook Construction are the solution to providing a stable foundation for your machines. Using rebar, the floor below the machine is fully reinforced to withstand intense weight and absorb vibrations. Preparing to Move to a New Facility If your company is moving to a new facility, now is the time to arran...

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Why Replacing Broken Concrete is More Important than You Realize

There are many ways concrete can become damaged. In Wisconsin, the freeze-thaw cycle can widen cracks in exterior concrete features. Indoor concrete can be worn down after years of forklift and foot traffic. Dornbrook Construction removes and replaces damaged concrete slabs for businesses across southeast Wisconsin. Learn more about how we can help repair your walkways, driveways, parking lots, and interior concrete features. Don’t Step on a Crack: Dangers of Damaged Concrete Cracked concrete slabs ...

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