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Dornbrook Construction News

Concrete Driveway Repair & Resurfacing in Southeast Wisconsin

  Concrete driveway repair and resurfacing breathe new life into worn-out or damaged driveways. Factors like weather, heavy use and natural wear lead to cracks, potholes and surface deterioration. Our concrete driveway repair addresses all these issues through targeted solutions including crack filling, patching and leveling to ensure a stable and safe surface. Concrete driveway resurfacing goes a step further by applying a fresh layer of concrete or overlay on top of the existing surface. Concr...

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How to Care for Your New Concrete

Owner Guidelines and Proper Care Instructions for Your New Concrete Standing behind the concrete Wisconsin businesses & residents stand on – Dornbrook Construction Basics Do not drive on new concrete for at least 7 days and walk on it for 36 hours. Do not allow drain water to undermine the slab and cause settlement cracks Do not allow snow and ice to build up on the surface-remove them as soon as possible. If possible do not allow downspouts to discharge on the concrete during the winter months...

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