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Machine Base Foundations: Creating a Stable Work Environment in Milwaukee

Protect Your Floors and Machinery with Dornbrook Contractors

Heavy machines can take a toll on floors, even concrete. Reinforced machine base foundations, installed by the concrete experts of Dornbrook Construction, are the solution to providing a stable foundation for your machine. Using rebar, the floor below the machine is fully reinforced to withstand great weight and absorb vibrations.

Preparing to Move to a New Facility

If you are about to move into a new factory, now is the time to arrange for machine base foundation installation. Our team of contractors can place all your new foundations before any equipment is moved in. this will save you a lot of hassle and money as your facility will be move-in ready once the floor is finished curing.

Having a reinforced floor before you move in will save you a lot in the long run. The extra strength will protect the integrity of the floor for years to come, rather than requiring replacement and maintenance every few years. We have a structural engineer calculate exactly how much reinforcement your floors will need based on the machines being used.


Reinforced Machine Base Floor in MilwaukeeUpgrade Your Current Factory with New Foundations

If you have been in your current industrial facility for some time and are tired of constantly repairing your floors, consider an upgrade with Dornbrook Construction. Creating reinforced concrete bases for your machinery is a low cost way to protect your floors from damage. Paying for one reinforced section of floor once will be a lot more affordable than the price of regular repairs.

Many factory owners believe their machines are to blame when there are operating delays. Yet fixing the floor if often the real answer. An uneven floor can put machine at an angle where the axis no longer align. Making the machine level again will usually restore operating capacity. Replace this warped flooring with a flat work surface will do wonders for your machinery.

Our contractors will work around your schedule to cause minimal downtime for your workers and facility. Please contact our team to determine the best timeline for replacing your flooring.

Concrete: The Best Flooring for Milwaukee Factories

While reinforced concrete is best for forming machine base foundations, concrete on its own is recommended for the remaining flooring. Properly poured concrete from Dornbrook Construction is easy to clean and maintain.

Dust from machinery can quickly accumulate and cause safety hazards. While carpet and wood surfaces are tough to clean, concrete can be swept to remove debris. Your floor will look better with Dornbrook concrete.

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