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Concrete Flooring for Hotels, Salons, and Spas

Beautiful Flooring Options for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry relies on good appearances and first impressions. This includes the floors, which also have to be durable to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Interior and exterior concrete flooring from Dornbrook Construction can be found throughout hotels, spas, and convention centers in Wisconsin.

Concrete Flooring for Hotels, Salons and Spas


Hotel Floors

The lobby is the very first things your guests see when they enter your hotel. If the floors are dingy or in disrepair, this can leave a negative impression. Decorative concrete will add a personal touch to your resort entrance. Not only does it look great, it gives your flooring strength and durability.

Along with foot traffic from guests, carts for moving housekeeping supplies, laundry, and luggage can also take a toll on the floor. Hardwood and carpet floors are easily damaged from this wear and tear. Expertly poured concrete can better withstand this heavy usage and only needs minor maintenance.

Beyond the lobby, concrete floors can dampen sound to keep the building quiet for your guests. If your hotel has an indoor or outdoor pool, concrete makes for a durable pool deck able to withstand water. 

Salon and Spa Floors

Cut and shaved hair can get everywhere. When your store is busy, the last thing you want is to worry about constantly vacuuming. Professionally finished concrete makes cleanup simple for salon workers. The smooth texture doesn’t trap hair like carpeting, so a quick sweep with a broom is all you need to keep your salon tidy. 

Convention Center Floors

Convention halls can go from hosting a business conferences one day to a school competition the next, so they need an appearance which is appropriate for anything. Our decorative concrete flooring options mean you have more options than traditional gray.

Convention center floors need to be incredibly resilient. Weaker flooring material can be easily ruined by the setup and takedown of vendor booths. And with hundreds or thousands of people moving around the convention floor throughout the months, the surface needs to be sturdy. Concrete offers incredible resilience and can be reinforced if you need additional strength.

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