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Concrete Flooring for Auto Garages, Mechanics, and Tire Shops

Get Durable Garage Floors in Milwaukee

When you have all sorts of vehicles visiting your business, you need a floor which can withstand anything. Along with the weight of the cars themselves, your floor will have to support heavy equipment and machinery in your workshop. The best flooring option for commercial garages is professionally installed concrete from Dornbrook Construction contractors.

To add extra strength to our poured concrete, we use rebar reinforcements. No matter how many vehicles drive across your floors, you can rest assured our concrete will provide the support you need. Concrete has greater longevity than other flooring options for years of reliable use in under the most extreme conditions. Need a custom flooring job? Our concrete contractors will help you find the best flooring solution for your specific garage.

Commercial Garage with Concrete Flooring

Stop Cracks from Damaging Equipment and Vehicles

A cracked garage floor can quickly become a problem. Spilled oil or engine fluid can become trapped in these gaps, allowing them to grow. A deep crack can weaken the foundation of the floor and the crack itself is a tripping hazard for workers moving around the garage. Concrete provides a smooth finish to floors and is extremely difficult to damage. 

Mud, oil, and grease can ruin your floor’s appearance. When working in a garage, these are all unavoidable. There is very little maintenance involved in concrete compared to other flooring options. After your concrete has cured, a sealer will make cleanup easier. If you do not have an epoxy coating, your concrete should be pressure washed at least once a year for a deep cleaning. Oil and grease spills should always be removed from your floor as soon as possible to prevent absorption.

Flooring Damage from Wisconsin Winters

Commercial garage floors in Wisconsin face more than the usual wear and tear – they  have to deal with salt and snow. Melting snow can leave water damage and seep into cracks. Vehicles can bring damaging road salts into your garage. A concrete garage floor with epoxy can better withstand these seasonal threats.

Concrete Parking Lots, Driveways, and Aprons

Driving over a cracked parking slabs and uneven driveway aprons can damage a car’s suspension. Customers already dealing with vehicle problems won’t want to visit your auto shop if they have to navigate around potholes. Concrete from Dornbrook Construction will replace the cracked and uneven slabs with solid, durable surfaces customers can drive over with confidence.

Your parking lot needs to withstand regular use due to all the vehicle traffic day in and day out. Poured concrete is low maintenance, long-lasting, and strong, the perfect surface for a busy parking lot.

What about asphalt lots?

Asphalt is a very common parking lot material in Wisconsin. However, asphalt has several disadvantages when compared to concrete. Asphalt has cheaper installation costs but higher maintenance costs over time. Concrete is a more environmentally friendly option for parking lot and driveway surfacing.

Professionally Poured Concrete Benefits

With over 25 years of experience, Dornbrook Construction knows how to correctly complete projects from start to finish. Let our professionals worry about thickness, drying times, and sealers. We work efficiently to ensure your business is not interrupted while we pour concrete. The faster we finish our work, the faster you can get your garage up and running again.

Decorative concrete can be used inside and outside of your auto garage. Rather than settle for traditional gray, pick from a selection of colors and patterns to personalize your business. Our contractors have made patterns and designs specific for businesses across the state of Wisconsin.

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