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Forklift Barriers & Bollards for Schools, Restaurants, Warehouses

Get Protection from Collisions with Safety Guards

Minimizing the potential for severe accidents is an important investment. Protect sidewalks, driveways, playgrounds, walkways and front of buildings against vehicle collisions with barrier safety. Dornbrook Construction provides durable bollards and forklift barriers. Our certified concrete contractors will work with you to install the right safety protection for your establishment.

Concrete Safety Bollard Posts Provide Collision Security

Every day, more than 60 building-vehicle accidents occur. Whether an accident or an attack, a vehicle collision can cause serious damage to your building. A bollard post can withstand 15,000 pounds of force. Placing bollards on walkways and near playgrounds protect employees and children from harm. Dornbrook Construction provides concrete bollards for your school or business. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your establishment from vehicle collisions.

Concrete Safety Bollards for Schools

School properties are at risk for accidental vehicle collisions as well. As children have fun on playgrounds and walk on sidewalks for pick-up and drop-off, they are vulnerable to vehicle traffic. Placing concrete bollard posts at school entrances, primary walkways, bus stops, playground areas and drop-off areas protects students and teachers from vehicles.

If you’re looking to be proactive in improving the safety and security of your school, contact Dornbrook Construction online or call us at 414-333-0642.

Concrete Forklift Barriers for Warehouses

Forklift accidents result in 34,900 injuries annually. Keep your employees, equipment and stock safe from forklift accidents with industrial forklift barriers. Guardrails help increase staff awareness, reduce risk levels and prevent costly damages.

Dornbrook Construction provides guard railings to deflect impact from forklifts. Get in touch with our concrete contractors to see which product is right for you.