Industrial Epoxy Floors

Heavy Duty Flooring for Industrial Needs

Epoxy flooring is ideal in industrial settings ranging from warehouses to factories. Many industrial sites believe boring concrete is their only flooring option. Dornbrook Construction is here to show this is not the case. Every warehouse can be beautiful with epoxy flooring, making employees excited to come to work.

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Learn more about epoxy flooring options for industries below:

Why are epoxy floors recommended for industrial settings?

Epoxy coating is created by combining resins and hardeners to form a strong, firm flooring surface. These coatings provide premium decorative flooring solutions in buildings, resistant to heavy wear and tear. Due to its incredible strength, epoxy floors are utilized for a variety of industrial applications.

Food and beverage production especially benefit from epoxy as spills are easier to clean. Additionally, epoxy offers savings for large facilities. The larger your warehouse or factory, the more flooring you need. Epoxy coatings are an affordable way to cover all your floor space without breaking the bank.

Finally, epoxy floors are available in several colors, patterns, and textures. Your entire factory floor or warehouse area could be completely customized instead of gray concrete.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring MilwaukeeAdvantages of Epoxy Floors

  • Lasts 15-20 years
  • Customizable style
  • Low maintenance

If your factory or warehouse already has concrete floors, you are in luck! Dornbrook contractors are able to add epoxy coatings over existing concrete or several other subfloor materials. This will save you money as you won’t have to remove the existing floor during renovations. The new overcoat will protect the flooring below from impact dents, chipping, and stains. Epoxy will even resist damage from heavy machinery better than plain concrete.

Easy Cleaning for Worker Safety

While epoxy coatings make traditional concrete more appealing, they also add safety to your jobsite. Since the floors are easier and faster to clean, there’s less of a chance of debris causing an accident.

How to Clean an Epoxy Floor

A regular dust mop is recommended for collecting dust, dirt, and dry debris from the floor’s surface. For liquid spills, a soft towel is all you need to clean up the mess. If the liquid has dried, gently scrape off the substance and use a damp cloth to wipe up any remaining marks.

For deep cleaning sessions, mopping is recommended. Flat mops offer the best finish, either when used with disposable cleaning pads or with hot water. Make sure to dry the floor with a clean cloth to prevent slipping. Avoid soap, vinegar, and citrus based cleaners as these can ruin the finish of your floor.

Dornbrook Construction is ready to install epoxy flooring at your industrial facility. View some of our industrial epoxy work to get an idea of what we can do for your facility.

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