Prepare for Summer with Decorative Concrete at Your Business

Take Advantage of Wisconsin Construction Season for Concrete Installation

Summer construction is a time-honored tradition in Wisconsin. In fact, summer is the best time to do decorative concrete projects with Dornbrook Construction. Discover the benefits of decorative concrete for your commercial property now!

Exterior Concrete Installation MilwaukeeThe Trouble with Temperature

Hot temperatures outside can mean trouble for freshly poured concrete. Water inside the concrete mix evaporates in the heat, leading to cracks and plastic shrinkage cracks. These are more likely when there are additional factors such as strong winds or low humidity.

Concrete sets faster in hot weather, meaning stamping for decorative concrete must be done within a very small window for accurate results. Other companies might mess up the stamping or overlaying process by working too quickly, leaving you with a costly mess to clean. At Dornbrook Construction, we have years of experience enabling us to work efficiently and accurately even in the heat.

Beat the Heat with Dornbrook Concrete

Early morning jobs is one way to keep the effects of heat down. Even during summer, the temperatures are lower during this time of day. However, this limits the time our concrete contractors are able to work. Ideally, concrete should be poured on overcast days to prevent overheating from the sun.

Of course, you can’t hinder your business by waiting for the perfect day. By contacting the contractors of Dornbrook, we will help you plan for the best date and time for your summer concrete project. We know every delay affects your company, which is why we do the job on your schedule. You won’t have to worry about shutting down for weeks while we do our job.

Decorative Concrete for Commercial Use

For many Wisconsin business owners, decorative touches on their exterior concrete might seem like an unnecessary extravagance. Yet it actually provides major benefits. The first is the durability of the concrete. Even decorative concrete is stronger and easier to maintain than asphalt and other construction materials.

Next is the aesthetic appeal of decorative concrete. While you might think your business exterior looks fine, every single customer and client will judge your company by what they see outside. If your parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk is not maintained, it will leave a bad first impression which could hurt your business.

Decorative Concrete and Epoxy in MilwaukeeBusinesses which benefit most from decorative concrete or epoxy flooring include:

  • Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes
  • Stores
  • Showrooms
  • Car Dealerships
  • Hotels and Conference Centers
  • Shopping Malls

With Dornbrook Construction, you can have a completely customized interior and exterior for your business. Sidewalks or driveways with stamped patterns can be made to resemble stone or wood while interior epoxy coatings give your floors a colorful and creative look.

Take advantage of the summer to revitalize your business inside and out with Dornbrook’s decorative concrete and epoxy coatings. Your business doesn’t have to be boring with gray concrete.

Contact Dornbrook Construction today for an estimate on a decorative concrete project this summer.

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