How Does Epoxy Flooring Compare to Carpet, Tile, and Hardwood?

The Many Benefits of Epoxy in Your Home

Epoxy flooring may seem like a type of finish only found in professional car shops or commercial businesses, but in recent years, residential epoxy floors have become more and more popular in Wisconsin homes. It’s beautiful shiny finish and durable coating makes it an ideal asset to any household, more so than other types of flooring. There are many benefits of having epoxy floors in your home’s basement, bathroom or kitchen. Dornbrook Construction can promise epoxy is a better option for your home instead of linoleum, hardwood, tile, carpet, or any other type of flooring you may have already.

Comparing Floors to Epoxy and Concrete

Epoxy Coated BathroomConcrete and epoxy are usually found in basements and garages. The experts of Dornbrook Construction know there are many more opportunities for improving the floors in your homes by using epoxy floor coatings. See how epoxy compares to the most popular home floors types now:

  • Hardwood – Hardwood floors are known for their classic appearance. The grain, stain, and color of the wood adds some personalization to the finished floor. A properly finished floor will last for decades. However, wood floors are known to be expensive to install. Depending on location, the wear and tear on the floor may result in additional refinishing. These floors can be easily damaged by water and stains. Hardwood is often used for living rooms, dens or home offices, and formal entryways.
  • Tile – Tile is available in many materials like ceramic or stone, offering different colors and styles when installed. These materials can last anywhere from a few years to decades. However, some materials are more expensive than others and will cost more to cut and install. Tiles can also crack from the force of a dropped object or heavy furniture. The grout lining along the edges of each tile have to be carefully maintained to prevent stains. Tile is often used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Carpet – Carpet and padding can be applied over many existing floor types to create a warmed, softer feel to the room. Carpet requires regular vacuuming and can easily be ruined by liquids and stains. It is also recommended that carpet be replaced every five to ten years. These floors are most often found in bedrooms, nurseries, and living rooms.

Epoxy floor coatings over concrete give your home long-lasting durability. Unlike carpet and hardwood, there’s no need to worry about water damage. Epoxy is resistant to chips and cracks, making it a superior choice to tile as well.

Epoxy Living Room Floor in WisconsinA few more benefits of epoxy flooring:


  • It’s durable. Epoxy finish is made with a resin which is very resistant to water, chemicals, and general wear-and-tear. It is often applied on concrete floors and is capable of supporting heavy loads like cars or machinery. You won’t have to worry about a dropped item leaving a dent or crack behind like you would with tile or hardwood.
  • It’s easy to clean. The smooth, glassy finish of epoxy makes it very easy to clean up any substance off the floor. Household liquids often stain carpets and hardwood floors, but with epoxy, liquid stains are easily wiped up without any hassle. Epoxy floors are also dust- and dirt-resistant, making it a better option than tile, which retain dust and dirt inside the cracks and grout lines.
  • It’s non-toxic. The tough and versatile epoxy finish is made of a long-lasting resin coating, which does not corrode or dissolve even after years of use. Unlike other types of flooring, epoxy also doesn’t require harsh chemicals to clean it, which could potentially harm the environment.
  • It’s beautiful. It’s an unfortunately common misconception that concrete can only be boring gray. Decorative concrete and epoxy coatings allow you to select from many patterns, colors, and styles. At Dornbrook, our contractors have created floors which resemble marble and granite while others have unique color finishes.

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You don’t have to wonder about what’s the best type of flooring to put in your bathroom, kitchen or basement – epoxy will always be the best option for you.

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