5 Reasons Epoxy Floors Improve Milwaukee Businesses

New Floor Coatings Improve Commercial Properties

Floors might not seem important when planning or remodeling a business. From the moment a customer walks through the front doors, they are judging your facility. If the floors are drab and gray, what will they think about the rest of your company? Dornbrook Construction is here to help Milwaukee area businesses improve their facilities with epoxy floor coatings.


  1. Beautiful Aesthetic Options - First and foremost, epoxy coatings make floors beautiful. Many colors and styles are available from Dornbrook contractors, including checkerboard and line patterns. We even mimic stone floors like marble and granite to reflect on the rest of your building’s décor. New flooring will pull together the aesthetic of your construction or remodeling project.
  2. Easy to Maintain - Milwaukee epoxy floors last for years with almost no maintenance required. They do not peel, stain or crack like painted concrete flooring and are essentially immune to water damage. Once an epoxy floor is installed, the only maintenance most businesses and home owners need to do is an occasional mopping.
  3. Long Lasting - The average epoxy floor lasts for 15-20 years when installed by professional from Dornbrook Construction. Even if you work with heavy equipment, you won’t have to worry about constant repairs on your floors. Epoxy is able to withstand extreme force from dropped items and heavy weight.
  4. Easy to Clean - Keeping floors clean is easy with epoxy topcoats. Dry debris can be swept up while any liquid spills can simply be wiped away with a towel. There’s no need for chemical cleaners with this floor, saving you money on cleaning costs. The cleaner your floors, the less your business will have to worry about mold, mildew, or other contaminants affecting the health of your employees and visitors.
  5. Affordable Installation - When it comes to commercial and industrial facilities, we know every second counts. You can’t close down your facility for weeks or months waiting for your new floor to be installed. Dornbrook contractors offer efficient and affordable installation of epoxy floor coatings for Milwaukee area businesses and homes.


If your commercial or industrial building is still under construction, this is the best time to learn about epoxy flooring options. The cure time of epoxy is significantly less than concrete, though we recommend longer curing times when possible. Dornbrook’s epoxy topcoats will keep your facility looking like new for years to come.

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